Any wood is treated properly before its further processing. It must be well dried, and then impregnated.

Impregnation – wood soaking in wood preservation. In order to provide durability and protect the wood from decay, fungus and insects, it is necessary to impregnate it. Timber impregnation prolongs its lifetime, as it protects it from various deterioration factors.
Impregnation of wood improves its resistance to heat, in addition, the structure of such wood is smoother, and it has a beautiful and attractive look.

Deep vacuum-pressure impregnation of wood

The wood impregnated using this method becomes very resistant to moisture, solar radiation, fungus, decay, bacteria, rodents and insects (even termites!). The warranty period is up to 25 years!

Use and materials

Chemical used: „Tanalith-E“

  • Construction. Treated wood foundations, floor load-bearing, floor timber, load-bearing walls, beamss, roof beams and boards, exterior wood siding, wood panels, tiling, etc.. Wood for commercial and private buildings.
  • Gardens and cottages. Terraces, fencing for flowers, playgrounds, ladders, lawn edges, fences, picnic tables and benches, signs, boxes, etc..
  • Poles, fences, etc. Round, square or round planed fence pillars, gates and gate pillars, wood fences.
  • Transport. Ship timbers, flooring and other timber transport, container flooring and supports, packaging, cable reels and lids.
  • Engineering. Electricity poles, platforms, bridges and pavements, cable supports, sound fences / barriers.