Wood is being dried in modern convection type aluminum construction kilns. Wood is dried to the desired moisture content in it. Computerized drying kiln control system assures the highest quality of drying. For each wood species a separate drying program is selected. The company is able to simultaneously kiln dry up to 1000m3 of sawn timber. If needed we dry hardwoods and softwoods.

Convection drying kilns

Standard drying kiln kit allows you to create a modern drying chamber with no thermal bridges, has good thermal resistance and mechanical strength and is not costly. Using classical soft modes, wood is dried applying convection methods. Generally a method of continuous drying is applied when moisture extraction is regulated by a microprocessor. It provides low moisture level throughout the entire height of the boards during the drying process. This allows to dry wood to 6% moisture content, preventing warping, cracking and internal stretch, regardless of wood type and thickness. Drying process is regulated by digital microprocessors. Such a control method of temperature and relative humidity in the chamber is reliable and easy to supervize. An operator spents about 5 minutes a day to check the sensor data, to set the temperature, relative humidity inside the chamber and the moisture content in the wood.